David J. Hintz, DPM, MPH, CPH 

Our office features state-of-the art equipment, and  friendly staff to make you feel comfortable.  We provide a wide selection of diabetic shoes and will fit them to your needs.  Dr. Hintz treats foot and ankle problems, diabetic and routine foot care and surgery.

*Our Office Offers:

  • Laser treatment for nail fungus
  • In-office X-rays and Fluroscopy 
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound  
  • In-office surgical suite staffed with Registerd Nurses   
  • Orthotics custom made to fit your feet
  • Physical therapy staffed with Licensed Physical Therapsists
  • Vascular Testing   
  • In-office Spa for foot care needs
  • Diabetic shoes    
  • Foot care education


*Foot and Ankle Problems:

General routine foot care
Diabetic foot care
Heel pain
Plantar fascitis
Athletes foot
Ingrown toenails
Foot and ankle injuries
Arthritis & Gout
Poor Circulation of lower extremities

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